I'm all of a sudden really into podcasts. It started around Christmas when I loaded up my iPod so we'd have stuff to listen to en route to Maryland. I uploaded some Car Talk, This American Life & Fresh Air. Now I'm totally addicted. I didn't realize you could download this shit for free on iTunes. Where have I been?

So far, I'm almost exclusively listening to This American Life & Fresh Air, but I hope to start branching out. The problem is, I don't drive very much, so it takes me days to get through one 45 minute podcast. I know, white whine.

So here are my favorite podcasts thus far. Remember, I'm only a month into this.

This American Life

Fresh Air

I subscribe to both This American Life & Fresh Air, so all I have to do is connect my iPod to my Macbook & all the new podcasts automatically download. I don't have to go search for them, etc. Anyway, you've all probably been doing this for years, but if you haven't, you should. They're fun; they're free; &, I swear, they're making me smarter.

P.S. Sarah Allen, if you're reading this, I'm totally obsessed with Joan Rivers now & regret making fun of you for wanting to see her movie when it was at The Belcourt.....

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