No More Taco Soup, Please

On Sunday night I made a big pot of taco soup, which is essentially chili with corn. John has an unusual love of corn, so I assumed it would be well received. Spicy meat & corn, what's not to love, right? Well, I accidentally made it too spicy. The jury is still out on which ingredient put it over the edge: Del Monte diced tomatoes, zesty chili style, or the entire package of Trader Joe's taco seasoning that I was apparently only supposed to use half of & dilute with water. Oops. Oh, plus I added Tabasco. Yeah, it was hot. Like Prince's Hot Chicken hot.

As we were eating it on Sunday night, & I use the term "eating" loosely, we were dying. Our eyes were watering & John was rubbing his knees like he does when he's in pain. It was ridiculous, especially considering how high both of our tolerances are for spicy food. So John immediately goes into the bathroom for half an hour & I do some internet research on how to de-spice this god-awful soup so that we can eat the rest of it on Monday night.

I find this article & deduce that adding more ingredients, combined with letting it sit overnight, is the way to go. So last night I added a can of refried beans & a can of regular, no salt added diced tomatoes. It was still spicy, but it was tolerable. I ate two bowls, watched The Craigslist Killer & went to bed. Apparently John had a different reaction, as I awoke this morning to this email:


John BaldwinTue, Jan 4, 2011 at 1:51 AM
To: Kim Baldwin
no more taco soup please

it is a digestive odyssey

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