How To: Multipalette Eyeshadows

While I was getting my hair did this weekend, I stole some pages out of the November 2010 issue of Glamour. The article is The Easy Way To Amazing Eyes. I'd like to think I'm fairly educated about makeup, how to apply makeup, etc., but I learned things I didn't know in this article, so I thought I'd share.

How to Use an Eyeshadow SOLO
Bright colors make great singular statements.
Step #1: Create smoky eyes with one shade by blending it on the lid & along the lower lash line. For a softer effect, use a sheer neutral from lid to brow bone.
Step #2: To get vibrant liner instantly, just add water. Dampen a small angled brush, drag through color & trace along upper lashes. Wing it out for more drama.

How to Use an Eyeshadow DUO
Two shadows are twice as sexy! No matter what kind of pair you have, the same beauty math applies:
Step #1: Use the lighter of the two as the base; wash it over the lid, on inner corner & along the bottom lashes.
Step #2: Work the darker shade into the top lash line & crease. Blend it all together using tight circular motions with a contour brush. *Doing this creates the medium tone that's not in the palette.

*I didn't know this! Makes sense!

How to Use an Eyeshadow TRIPLE
Adding another color to the party doesn't have to be complicated, think of it as playing with beauty building blocks.
Step #1: Just like with the duo, apply the lightest shade all over from the brow bone down.
Step #2: Make the most of the medium shade. It's your safest color. Apply it in the crease using a back & forth windshield-wiper motion. Smudge the darkest shade around the lash line, or intensify the look by creating a sideways "V" on the outer corner.

How to Use an Eyeshadow QUAD
Most quads are essentially triples plus a metallic or bright accent shade.
Step #1: Do the triple process as described above.
Step #2: Add the accent shade to the inner corner, lid, brow bone or lower lashes.

Again, I found this article really useful, especially in regards to quads. I have a quad that I love & now I feel like I have a better understanding of how each of the four colors work. I hope some of you found this as helpful as I did.

Scary Kay


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