Weekend Wrap Up

I got up early & did my last Pancake Run of the year. This week we're running a different route & then, starting in January, we're changing locations & breakfast venues. As if she knew it was our last time, our Pancake Pantry server bought our breakfast as a Christmas present. So bittersweet...

I spent the rest of the day finishing Christmas shopping. As anyone who follows me on Twitter already knows, I've officially declared the Green Hills Macy's parking garage the ninth circle of hell. I think I'm done with Green Hills Mall until Nordstrom is done & the parking returns to its normal level of insanity.

I started the day by doing the free Lululemon yoga class at Yoga Source in Cummins Station & then we went to lunch at the new Turnip Truck in The Gulch. So good!

That night, with hot corn dip in tow, we headed East to Dave & Alexis' Christmas party. The guys ended up in the dude den downstairs while we girls hung out with the food & wine upstairs talking about 'lady stuff'. So much fun!

P.S. John & I did not wear matching outfits this time. Sorry.

I met Jessica for an early morning run, then John & I went to Smyrna for a graduation lunch at my parents' house. Thanks, Mom! Last night I finished Season 3 of Friday Night Lights. OMG! I can't believe how it ended. I'M ADDICTED TO THIS SHOW!

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