Weekend Wrap Up

Our friends Carolyn & David had their annual Christmas party. We met Jessica & Brian at Las Maracas for dinner, then headed over to the party. I decided to wear my new red gingham shirt. Earlier in the day, when John woke up & saw what I had on, he laughed & said, "I should wear my red gingham shirt, too." All day we were both wearing the same shirt, calling each other "shirt twin", etc. When it was time to head out for the night, he went upstairs to change & I kind of wouldn't let him, so we went to the party in matching shirts. I thought it was hilarious. John, not so much. Unfortunately, there is no photographic evidence of this matching, but trust me, it was really funny.

I mentioned awhile back that I lost my hair stylist. Well, I found her & visited her in her new salon on Saturday. If any of you are looking for someone to cut your hair, I highly recommend Jordan. You can find her at Salon Nfuse, next door to The Melrose Pub on Franklin Pike.

Mary Katherine & John threw me a graduation party at The Wine Loft on Saturday night. The weather was really crappy, so I was worried, but it worked out. The party was awesome! I had so much fun! Mary Katherine got me this hilarious cake from Puffy Muffin that read, "Congratulations, Kim. GO HAM." Everyone brought me graduation gifts, which I totally did not expect. I'm so thankful to Mary Katherine, John & everyone that braved the weather to celebrate with me. I really do have the best friends & husband in the world. And a special shout-out to Jessica, without whom, I would not be graduating.

Also, The Wine Loft was great. I had never been there before & I really liked it. My intolerance for hipsters & Vandy students usually keeps me out of bars, but this place I liked. It was quiet & dark & had all of these plush, velvet couches. The service was great, too. We had our own, personal server & they brought out bottles of champagne when we cut the cake. Really good time! Graduation party pics here.

It snowed all day yesterday, which was perfect because I didn't feel like going anywhere anyway. I watched Funny People, which I liked okay, but would have liked better if it was an hour shorter. Basically all I did yesterday was watch TV & eat leftover graduation cake. In related news, I weigh 300 lbs today.

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