Weekend Wrap Up

Katie treated me to dinner at this AMAZING thai restaurant in Smyrna called Thida Thai. It was so good! Possibly the best thai I've ever had. Thanks, Katie!

My friend Heidi works at Lululemon, so I've been going with her to these free Lululemon-hosted yoga classes. (More info here.) So I met Heidi Saturday morning for a free yoga class at Yoga Source in Cummins Station. I loved it! I'm really getting back into yoga, especially these classes because they're so much more challenging than what I'm used to. I'm sweating as much in these classes as I do in Spin!

For our friend Amanda's birthday, we went to dinner at Miss Saigon, where I decided to try pho for the first time. I'm hesitant to report this, but I kind of hated pho. Long story short, I ended up getting in a shouting match with them because they gave me the wrong thing, never came back to the table & then wouldn't take it off our bill. This was our second time at Miss Saigon. The first time was awesome -good food, good service. Not so much this time. They're out of the rotation for now.

Yesterday I made the mistake of going into David Kidd. It's so sad! I felt like a vulture picking apart a carcass. That being said, everything in the store is at least 30% off, some things 40-50%, so there are definitely deals to be had. It's just so sad.... RIP David Kidd. RIP...

I also started Season 3 of Friday Night Lights yesterday, and subsequently watched 5 episodes. Ya'll! It might be time for an FNL intervention.....

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