Dirty Knees, Look At These

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I fell at the East Nasty run last night. It was honestly just a matter of time before the combination of not being able to see well at night & having zero depth perception landed me on my ass, or in this case, my knees. The super ridiculous part is that I wasn't even running when I did it. Of course I wasn't. I was going into a bar to use the bathroom & tripped running up the stairs. I hit a concrete step right across my knees & then scraped the shit out of my hands. It wasn't pretty. My knees immediately swelled up & started to burn, but I went ahead & ran the 4.43 mile course. They hurt the entire run, which Jessica can attest to as I said about a million times, "I know I keep saying this, but my knees really hurt."

I had to leave right after the run, go get John & go to BA's for a bourbon tasting. When we got to BA's, there was a huge goose egg on one knee, so I sat through the tasting with my leg propped up & ice on my knee. By the time I finally got home & peeled my running tights off, my knees were stuck to them, so now there's all this knee skin & blood on the inside of my tights. Yeah, you're welcome. John coated both knees in Neosporin & I took some Aleve & went to bed. I'm okay today. They're not that swollen, but there are definitely no skirts in my immediate future.....

Merry Christmas!

Weekend Wrap Up