Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas Eve (Friday)
I got up & baked cookies, then John & I opened our gifts to/from each other. We finished packing & headed to Smyrna to have Christmas with my family, then we hit the road for Maryland.

Christmas Day (Saturday)
We arrived in Maryland around 4am, slept for a couple of hours, then went to Annapolis to see John's grandparents & all his aunts & cousins from his mom's side of the family. Then we drove to Catonsville (suburb of Baltimore) to have Christmas dinner at his Aunt Ginny's. As a gift for everyone, John's dad had all of their old home movies, dating back to the 50's & 60's, transferred to DVD. We spent a good 2 hours watching those.

We got up & opened presents & sat around for awhile. John & I had planned on going into Georgetown, but it was already snowing, so we found a mall in Annapolis with a Madewell & went there instead. I made out like a bandit! Later that night, we all continued watching the DVDs of old home movies from when John & Sally were little. I promptly fell asleep, but John & Sally stayed up all night watching them.

Sally was supposed to fly back to Boston, but her flight was cancelled, so we went out on an excursion. John wanted to find his great-grandfather's grave, so we did that, then we went to this awesome thrift store that we always go to. John bought two ridiculous blazers & about 20 new shirts, so he was happy. I got this cute fitted blazer & some vintage boots. Sally got two pairs of name brand jeans for a dollar. Best thrift store EVER.

That night, John's dad took us to dinner at a seafood restaurant where we all kind of went crab crazy. Well, except Nana. She hated the place & basically refused to eat anything. Good times.

Sally flew back to Boston & we went to John's friend Grant's house to see some of John's old friends, then we drove around Baltimore & Ellicott City a little & ate dinner. We had to go to bed early to get up & take Nana to the airport.

We took Nana to the airport, then we headed home. We had to stop in Smyrna to get Linda, but we were home by 10:00pm. Not bad.

And thus ends another Christmas in Maryland. All in all, it was a pretty good Christmas.

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Christmas In Maryland - The Deleted Scenes

Merry Christmas!