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In all of my free time, I've watched a lot of movies, two of which I found blog-worthy, and no, I'm not talking about Nothing Like the Holidays, which I made the mistake of watching via Netflix Instant Streaming. Unless you're Puerto Rican &/or from Chicago, I do not recommend this movie. Fans of Debra Messing will weep over the tragedy that is her hair & wardrobe. Weep!

I digress. So here are the two movies I did enjoy.

This movie is from 2008, so a lot of you have probably already seen it. It earned Anna Hathaway an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Speaking of, I love it when Anne Hathaway goes dark. In this movie, she's a former model who's in rehab & gets released for a few days to attend her sister's wedding at their parents' house. It's mostly about the relationship between the two sisters, but it's also about general family dysfunction. Anne's character, Kym, is a hot mess, but not the annoying type that you spend the entire movie wanting to slap. Instead you find yourself empathizing with her & hoping it all works out in the end. It's directed by Jonathan Demme, of The Silence of the Lambs fame. Yeah, did I mention this movie is dark? I really, really liked this movie & highly recommend it.

I was holding out on watching this movie until I read the book, but alas, I haven't read the book & forgot to move this down on my Netlfix queue, so when it came in the mail, I watched it. Disclaimer: I love both Rachel McAdams & Eric Bana, so I was probably predisposed to enjoy this movie. Bana's character, Henry, has a genetic disorder that allows him to time travel. I know, but trust me, it's not as distracting as it sounds. McAdams' character, Clare, meets Henry when she's a little girl & ultimately ends up marrying him. The science fiction aspect of this story was lost on me as I have no interest in science, whereas the romantic aspect was not. For me, this movie was about the relationship & marriage of Henry & Clare. It's a great love story. Also, this movie is visually stunning. I loved the settings all throughout this movie. Highly, highly recommend this movie. P.S. The movie is grittier & a lot less Lifetime Movie Network than the below trailer would lead you to believe.

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