Weekend Wrap Up

I got up early & met MK for a very cold recovery run, then we met MHG at Pancake Pantry for breakfast. On the way home, I took a detour through the West Nashville Shopping Center, just to see what the crowds were like & ended up in Old Navy, where I bought what I'm calling my 'Tiffany Tomlin outfit': black skinny jeans with a red & white checked shirt. I also bought a pair of $5 pajama pants, because, HELLO, they were $5.

That night, as we were deciding what to do for dinner, Ashlee texted & said she & Jeff were around the corner, so we met them for dinner at Sonobana. I see Ashlee all the time, but it was nice to catch up as a foursome.

I got up Saturday morning & went to Spin at the Downtown Y. I used to go to that class all the time, but I quit awhile back because I don't love the instructor. Yeah, she still sucks. I actually almost got up & left in the middle of the class. She started the class by telling us she was going to "take it easy today". Yeah, because that's why we're all in there post-Thanksgiving, to 'take it easy'. I had easily 6 pieces of pie to burn off. She had us work on our endurance by staying at a constant 4 (out of 10) for the whole class. No speed, no standing. Complete waste of time. I could have burned more calories shopping.

Saturday night we went to dinner with Matt & Lacey, who recently got married. They recommended Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Cuisine. I was excited because I've wanted to eat there for years, but I was worried about what in the world my carnivore husband would eat. It was so good! I don't even think John noticed there was no meat on his plate. If you go, & you should, order #48, the Woodlands Special Rava Masala dosa. OMG! Best thing EVER.

The check engine light in my car came on over the weekend. Of course it did. So I spent $150 for Firestone to change my oil & tell me my gas cap was loose. I wish I was kidding. I spent the rest of the day putting up all of our Christmas decorations & watching Fa La La La Lifetime.

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