Weekend Wrap Up

View from our living room

I got up early & did the pancake run with my friend Heidi. We're both a little bored with the route, so we ran it in reverse. Much better! I also ran it a lot faster than I usually do. I wanted Heidi to run at her normal pace & to try & keep up with her. I couldn't completely keep up with her, but I ran the 3.2 miles in like 31 minutes, which is the fastest I've ever run. I totally went ham. Go, me!

Heidi works at lululemon & they were hosting a free yoga class at Steadfast & True Yoga Studio in Edgehill Village Friday night, so I met her there. Way more people showed up than there was room for, so they set us up "LA style," which means mat-to-mat. It was cozy, ha ha. And it was hot. Really hot. Like 'hot yoga' hot. My hands & feet were sliding all over the place, but I had a blast & I easily sweated out a good 5 lbs. Plus, they gave us free margaritas afterwards. Hello! Totally worth it.

I had an early morning appointment at Trim to get my hair highlighted. It seems a little ridiculous to be worried about money, etc. & then to go get $100 highlights, but hey, nothing feeds depression like bad roots. I see it as an investment in my mental health. Plus, two hours with Gio is better than any anti-depressant on the market.

With hair way too fancy for Rutherford County, I made the trek to Smyrna to meet my mom at Kohl's for some early Christmas shopping & lunch. In a day where I did nothing but spend money I don't have, I kind of hit the jackpot at Kohl's. Post forthcoming.

John is super busy with mastering & needed to work on Saturday night, (hey, I'm not complaining - someone's got to pay for all this personal maintenance) so we walked next door & had dinner at Korea House. Love that place!

Yesterday we met Megan & Will in Green Hills to see Harry Potter. I made Megan read the books last year, so it made sense to also make her see the movie with me. I loved it, although it's kind of strange to only see the first half of the movie & then wait 8 months to see the second half. It's like taking a really long nap in the middle of the movie. Regardless, it was really good. Highly recommend reading these books for those of you who are still holding out. You know who you are...

I Passed!

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