Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was hell day. The day started off with the comps (which I think I did well on), moved on to margaritas & then ended up with me going into work because my office was being cleaned out & driving home in tears of exhaustion & frustration.

I woke up on Saturday determined to not let my work situation ruin the whole weekend, so I gulped down a few cups of coffee & put on my running shoes. I didn't work out all last week, so it was time. I ran a good 3-4 miles in my neighborhood. At one point, a loose, yellow Lab ran up to me & ran in front of me for about 2 miles. It was kind of hilarious. I wish I knew where he lived, so I could knock on their door & tell them they're welcome for exercising their dog. By the way, I've dubbed him "I-40 Dog."

Saturday night John & I cashed in a $100 gift card at The Palm in early celebration of our anniversary. Today is our actual anniversary (2 years, baby!) & we talked about eating at Wendy's tonight because that's where we ate the night of our wedding, but I'm already thinking of other places I'd like to eat instead (it's been a rough day), so we'll see.

God, the time change yesterday really messed me up. I woke up at 4:45am. On a Sunday! It SUCKED. I drank about a pot of coffee & finished Season 1 of Friday Night Lights (see below), then I took a nap, all well before noon. What can I say, I'm a baller.

Bon Anniversaire!