Thanksgiving Magazine Roundup

I'm really into Thanksgiving this year. My friend Tiffany is hosting her boyfriend's family for Thanksgiving next week, so we've been emailing back & forth about various Thanksgiving topics, e.g. turkey tips (thank you, Delaney!), dining room table purchases, recipes, etc. Tiffany is excited about hosting, but also a little stressed as she & Chris live in NYC & even though they have a good sized apartment, NYC apartments aren't exactly conducive to hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a large family.

As soon as Tiffany told me the news, I ran down the street to Target & bought the November issue of Real Simple & mailed it to her because it's all about Thanksgiving, including a day before & day of timeline, cooking tips, decorating tips & recipes. I subscribe to Real Simple, so I already had one, but I bought myself the November issue of Southern Living because sometimes you should just buy Southern Living, especially when there's pie on the cover.

Here are some of the pages I flagged from these two magazines.

I circled the middle recipe on this page for sweet & spicy nuts. Brown sugar, paprika & cayenne pepper? Sign me up!

My subconscious clearly wants me to make a cheesecake as I keep flagging recipes in both magazines & in Reader. I've also been peppering Katie with how-to questions. I have a feeling there's going to be a cheesecake in my immediate future. I just have to wrap my mind around this "water bath" thing...

See! How could you walk by this cover & not buy this magazine? "Heartwarming recipes to savor & share." Indeed.

My friend Lauren told me about this Fun Girls' Lunch part of the magazine & how she wants to make everything in it. So do I! Hello, latina lasagna, green beans with garlic & Mexican chocolate pound cake!

Warm lemon-rosemary olives, leafy green salad with pears & latina lasagna

Mexican chocolate pound cake with Mexican chocolate sauce

I love this: Casual Texas Thanksgiving, or as I call it, I Wish I Lived in Dillon, Texas Thanksgiving. I also applaud Southern Living's attempt at attracting a younger demographic by including a guy with a mustache in this picture. Unfortunately, they missed the mark as this guy looks more like a pedophile than a PBR swilling hipster, but kudos for trying.

Citrus-walnut salad with cumin-dijon vinaigrette, roasted green beans with sun-dried tomatoes & chipotle smashed sweet potatoes. I'm really excited about those potatoes.

The pie from the cover: sweet potato pie with marshmallow meringue. Meringue intimidates me, but I want to make this. And eat it. Seriously, I'll eat the whole pie.

Well, if I'm going to eat an entire pie, I should probably cut back somewhere, like this recipe for a healthier version of sweet potato casserole. Duly noted.

I'd love to host a Thanksgiving dinner myself. There's a million different reasons why this will probably never happen, but maybe I could host a small Thanksgiving themed dinner party instead. I wish we had a bigger dining room table, although nothing says "Thanksgiving" like eating from TV trays. Hmmm, something to think about for next year.

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