My Job

I'm only posting this because I know the majority of you don't follow politics, especially locally. My boss lost his reelection last night. This was 100% unexpected & caught everyone off guard. I did not leave my office yesterday thinking I may wake up today without a job. That sounds dramatic. In all likelihood, I still have a job, but it's not a guarantee. The new guy doesn't take over until January, so I'm presumably safe until then. In January, one of three things will happen: 1) I find a new job by then & none of this matters; 2) the new guy keeps me; or 3) the new guy brings in someone else & they move me to another office.

Again, this staying until January thing isn't a guarantee, so I'm still a little freaked out. Also worth nothing, my comps are this Friday. This is the huge test I take to graduate. I took today & tomorrow off to study, but I have a feeling my concentration isn't going to be what I'd like it be in light of recent events.

That is all.