Hello, Unemployment!

I'm pretty sure 99% of you are well aware of the fact that I lost my job this week. I won't belabor the point since this topic has been exhausted via phone & email all week, but I will say that these past couple of weeks have been really hard. Aside from my boss losing his re-election last week, I also took the test that determines whether or not I graduate last week. I've been studying for that test 3 times a week since late Aug/Sept. I've had zero social life or spare time & instead of celebrating that it's over & that I'm a month away from an MPA, I'm rewarded with sudden, unexpected unemployment.

I'm fairly confident that I'll get another job, but I'm worried about whether or not I'll run out of money in the meantime. Not to mention, the big graduation celebration I was mentally planning feels ridiculous now: Yay, I graduated. Yay, I don't have a job.

It's no secret that I was unhappy at work & that I was hoping to find another job after graduation, but this feels like the rug has been pulled out from under me, times 3. I am genuinely friends with the majority of people that I worked with & it's really sad that I won't be seeing them, eating lunch with them, working out with them every day. That's honestly the hardest part of all of this.

I want to thank everyone who checked in on me this week. It's helped more than you'll ever know, especially those of you who helped me pack up & leave yesterday without losing my shizz.

In related news, I am now totally available, all the time, so if any of you want to hang at random, unusual times, holla at your girl.

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