Scary Kay & Rachel Zoe

Foxy Lady, Miss Argentina, Sunmaid Raisin Girl, John Oates & Scary Kay


How I Became the Bomb

Captain America vs. Superman

Jon Burr as John Baldwin


Would the real John Baldwin please stand up?

Cave couple

Phyllis Diller & young (redneck) lover

Humpty Hump & "Just Visiting"

Captain America & Trailerhood

Sunmaid Raisin Girl & Steve Martin

Orville Redenbacher, photographer at large

Halloween is my favorite holiday. This was the second year we hosted a Halloween party at our house. About an hour before the party, Courtney called & said Brian was coming straight from a photo shoot & had all of his equipment with him, did I want him to bring it to the party? Yes. Yes, I did.

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Disclaimer: some of these pictures are not for the faint of heart, or probably anyone related to me by blood.

All images © Brian Risse of Brian Risse Photography and may not be used without permission.

My Job

Chicken Pot Pie