Weekend Wrap Up

5:30am Pancake Run = 9:00pm bedtime. I did manage to watch a movie before I fell asleep: State of Play, with Russell Crowe & Ben Affleck. It was actually really good.

Lululemon has opened a store in Green Hills & their grand opening was on Saturday. East Nasty hosted a 4 mile run, so me, Jessica & Heidi did that. Then I went to Trim for a bang trim. My stylist disappeared into the night, as stylists tend to do, so someone new trimmed my bangs. Meh. I didn't love her, but it was a free bang trim, so whatever.

That afternoon I finally accepted the Roku & Netflix Instant Streaming into my life & started watching Season One of Friday Night Lights. OMG! Tiffany has been telling me to watch this forever, but I haven't had time. I love it! It's so not what I thought it was. I essentially thought it would be a sitcom version of The Blind Side. It's so not. I'm hooked!

John had been working on the deck all afternoon, so when he suggested Logan's for dinner, I acquiesced. Then we came back home & watched The Evil Dead on Netflix Instant Streaming.

I got up, met Jessica & ran 2 miles at Long Hunter State Park. Then we met our study group for our last Sunday study session before the Comps next Friday. John stained the deck while I cleaned the house, painted my nails & continued watching Friday Night Lights. Seriously, I'm addicted to this show.

In related news, between Wednesday & Sunday, I ran about 13 miles. I'm taking today off to let my knees rest, but when I got dressed this morning, a pair of pants that fit a few weeks ago are now visibly too big. Yeah!

Thursday iPod Musings

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