Weekend Wrap Up

Working 9 to 5... Dolly Parton & Lily Tomlin, pre-race

Dolly (sans costume) & Lily crossing the finish line

My Aunt Becky, her daughter/my cousin Caitlin & Becky's BFF, Dana were in town from Oklahoma, so they stopped by on Friday afternoon to visit & see our house (see above).

Carolyn & I headed to Gap to use our Groupons. We both needed new jeans & Gap was running a 40% off denim sale, so we hit big. We essentially spent a good hour trying on every style of jeans they have. It was ridiculous, but we both left with a new pair of jeans. And I went down a size! Go, me!

Later in the day, John & I drove to the Gulch to meet Jessica & Brian for the Halloween in the Gulch 5K. Jessica & I went with our 9 to 5 theme. I was Dolly Parton & she was Lily Tomlin. We also met our friend Ashlee there, who was Slave Leia from Return of the Jedi. The course kind of sucked. The beginning of the race was running down Charlotte Pk from 12th to 6th, which was an almost un-run-up-able hill. Then it immediately went into another huge, blocks-long hill. The whole first half of the race was uphill. It kind of sucked. But whatever, we just did it for the costumes anyway. I finished 30th (out of 62) in my age group & 142nd (out of 448) overall at an 11.43 minute mile. Not bad, not awesome.

Post-race, we all went to Las Maracas where Jessica & I devoured margaritas & nachos. I was supposed to go to Family Wash with John, but by the time we got back home & I de-Dollyed, I was exhausted. So I went to bed & John went back to East Nashville sans Dolly.

Since I went to bed at like 8:30 on Sat night, I was up bright & early on Sun, so I decided to watch a movie while I drank my coffee. I put in I Am Love. OMG, ya'll. Seriously, omg. This movie is so good! I loved it. I think a lot of you saw it when it was at The Belcourt recently. Ladies, watch this movie. Guys, meh, probably not so much.

Later, we stopped by Mike & Chrissi's & hung out for awhile. John tried to teach their dogs how to howl. Little Annie almost had it. Big Ike, not so much.

Halloween in the Gulch 5K photostream here.

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