Weekend Wrap Up

Note John's addition to Monday night.....

Busted! Caught Linda sleeping on her new dog bed.

Nada. Stayed home, cleaned, made meal plan/shopping list (see above) & worked on clearing out my Tivo, which is at maximum capacity due to my ridiculous lack of spare time right now.

Had my ladyscaping tended to at The Wax Pot Studio, hit the holy trinity of grocery stores (Whole Foods, Trader Joe's & Publix), came home & made pesto chicken meatballs for book swap. A few months ago, I didn't think we'd be able to have our annual Halloween party, so I offered to host the October book swap as an excuse to pull out all of my Halloween decorations, etc. Since then, two things happened: 1) the Halloween obligation went away, meaning we could have our Halloween party afterall & 2) I found out the comps (the test I have to take to graduate) is on November 5th, which means in addition to the class I'm in, I'm also in a study group that meets three times a week. I have no life/spare time this month. But I powered through, cleaned my house within an inch of it's life, decorated & cooked.

Typical Sunday for the most part. Met Jessica, ran 4 miles through Long Hunter State Park, then we went to Panera to meet our classmate Emily & study for the comps. Post marathon study session, ran to Target, made hot corn dip & drove to Smyrna, where Katie was hosting a surprise birthday party for Rollum. We all parked down the street, so when he walked in from work, talking away on his cell phone, we all jumped out & yelled "Surprise!" & he was actually surprised. It was awesome.

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