Weekend Wrap Up

Photo credit: John Brassil

Last week was Next Big Nashville. John went to the majority of the shows/nights, but I only participated Friday night. We started at 6:15pm with The Features at the Neuhoff Bldg in Germantown. Our next show wasn't until 10pm, so a big group of us went to Bombay Palace for dinner. Then we went to Cannery Ballroom for Yeasayer. I LOVE Yeasayer, but I was a little disappointed in the show. The music doesn't translate well live & they played more songs from All Hour Cymbals than from Odd Blood. Weird. Not awful; not worth $25. How I Became the Bomb played at Mercy Lounge after Yeasayer, but at that point, it was 1am, they weren't going on for 30-45 minutes & I had been up since 4:45am. I went home.

I hit a wall on Saturday & did absolutely nothing. I don't even think I left the house. John went out to more shows & I stayed home & watched The Last Station on DVD (interesting - not bad, not awesome).

I met Jessica for a 4 mile run at Shelby Bottoms. Then John & I met Sarah & Adam at The Belcourt to see The Agony & Ecstasy of Phil Spector, which was AWESOME & left us all wondering whether or not he really did kill Lana Clarkson.

Last night we went to Ryman Auditorium to see The National, aka my favorite band. I bought tickets so long ago that I forgot where our seats were. Oh, they were third row. I've never had seats that good. It was amazing! During the encore, he came out into the audience & stood in the pew right in front of me (see above, I'm one of the arms reaching up at him). I could touch him. I almost died. Seriously. For their very last song, they played "Vanderlye Crybaby Geeks" without mics, on the front of the stage, with everyone in the Ryman singing along. Mind blown.

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