Let's Get Physical

While we're somewhat talking about health related topics, I thought I'd share two things: 1) a blog I recently discovered geared towards running & healthy eating & 2) my own personal exercise regimen.

A few weeks ago, Katie told me about this blog, (never home)maker. It's a blog written by a married couple who practice healthy living & they're both runners. I'm only a week or two into it, but I'm a fan. The recipes are a little too healthy for my taste, mainly because they're vegetarian, but some of you (Nichole) would probably like them. And, of course, I love the running themed posts, especially the ones where a person writes in & tells their story. The blog is well written & informative. Definitely check it out.

Allright, exercise. Disclaimer # 1: A pinnacle of health, I am not. But I do work-out A LOT & in the past few weeks I've been asked how often I work-out, what I do besides running, etc. Disclaimer # 2: I weigh a good 20 lbs more than I'm supposed to. I have recently lost about 10 lbs, or enough to go down a size, which I believe is due to the increase in exercise because god knows it's not due to diet.... I digress, so here's what I do in a typical week:

Long run, which is only 4 miles right now, but I'm working towards 6

45 minute Body Sculpt class

45-60 minute Spin class

45 minute Body Sculpt class
3-4 mile run with East Nasty

60 minute Yoga class, when I go...

3 mile Pancake Run

45-60 minute Spin class, which I've been neglecting lately

I work downtown & have a flexible schedule this time of year, so I drive to the Downtown Y & work-out on my lunch break. In a perfect week, I like to run three times, take at least 1 Spin class (4 days of cardio) & then 2 days of strength training (Body Sculpt). I could stand to work in 1 more day of strength training if I could find the time. Here lately I've been taking Thursdays & Saturdays off because I'm so busy with school & studying for the comps, but I really should get back into the habit of going to Spin on Saturday mornings (right, Alexis?).

I'm a social person, aka a talker, so exercising with people helps me. I rarely, if ever, work-out alone. It's also encouraging that the majority of my friends work-out &/or run just as much as I do. Surrounding myself with like-minded people helps keep me on track.

Again, as anyone who actually knows what I look like can attest, I'm not in a body most people would strive towards, but whatever. At the ripe 'ole age of 34, I've kind of given up the ghost of being a single digit size again, it just doesn't matter that much to me anymore. But I do want to be healthy & take care of myself, which, I think, is what I'm doing.

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