Jen Lancaster vs. Marie Claire (Give 'Em Hell, Jen!)

Over the past few days I've been somewhat aware that some shit went down online over at Marie Claire & that it had to do with "fatties", but I didn't really know the whole story. Today, as I was cleaning out my Reader, I came across a blog post on Jennsylvania that put it all into perspective. Granted, I'm biased because of my unabashed love for Jen Lancaster, but I think her response is AMAZING.

I've Got Your Counterpoint Right Here, Marie Claire

For those of you who haven't read the original Marie Claire post, you can read it here.

My two cents: yes, obviously obesity is an issue in our country, but since when did Marie Claire &/or Maura Kelly become experts on this topic? Could she have been more condescending? Hey Maura, I believe the average woman in America is either a size 12 or 14. Way to alienate & insult what I'm assuming is also the majority of Marie Claire's demographic. Furthermore, if she had spoken this way in reference to race/religion/gender, she'd be fired. Hello, Rick Sanchez & Juan Williams. Let's rein it in, people.


The Sassy Curmudgeon weighs in, albeit more eloquently than I did. Read her post here.

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