Halloween Costume Quandary

2009: Ghoulia Child (& "Tape Monster")

2007: Lana Clarkson (& Phil Spector)

2006: Babe-raham Lincoln

2005: Alien Bride (& astronaut husband)

2004: Murder Victim (obvi)

I'm having a hard time thinking of a Halloween costume this year. Jessica & I are running the Halloween in the Gulch 5K next Saturday & we're going as Dolly Parton & Lily Tomlin from Nine to Five (see above).

But I still need a costume for our Halloween party later in the month. I have a long history of being scary/dead on Halloween. I can't explain it. I think it's due to my combined love of horror movies & make-up. As a child, I went with whatever would scare my sister & it just carried over into adulthood.

My favorite thing is to take a celebrity & zombie-fy their name, i.e., Ghoulia Child. I thought about keeping with the Dolly Parton/Nine to Five theme, but changing it to Zombie Parton. I don't know though. I also thought about Sorority Ghoul (instead of girl), but I feel like there's something better out there. I just have to apply myself.

I'll report back. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the costume parade of Halloweens past....

Weekend Wrap Up

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