Book Review: Something Blue

After spending two months killing myself trying to read Homicide, I finally put it down & picked up something light. And by "something light", I mean Something Blue, the second book by Emily Giffin. I read her first book, Something Borrowed, back in July & loved it, so I was anxious to read the second book. It didn't disappoint. I loved it just as much as the first one.

These two books are about the friendship between Darcy & Rachel, childhood best friends from the Mid-West, who now live & work in NYC. Darcy is the pretty, popular one who always gets the guy, while Rachel is the smart, hard-working, perpetually single one. The first book focuses on Rachel, but this second book is primarily about Darcy, which I didn't like at first, because after reading the first book, you kind of hate Darcy. But I quickly found myself just as enthralled with this book as I was with the first one.

You find out at the end of the first book that Darcy is pregnant. The second book finds her pregnant, alone & flying to England to escape it all; staying with her & Rachel's shared friend, Ethan. This book is the story of Darcy & Ethan & it is sooooo good! I read it in two days. I couldn't put it down.

Highly recommend these two books. Light, quick reading, but surprisingly satisfying. Now I just need to get my hands on the third book, Baby Proof......

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