Weekend Wrap Up

I had an early morning hair appointment at Trim. My colorist is moving to NYC next year, so we spent a good two hours talking about where he should live, which subway line runs closest to Parsons, what he should & shouldn't take with him, etc. I always get a little homesick for NYC this time of year & I'm really missing it right now.

For dinner we tried Bombay Palace for the first time. Man, that place is nice. Who knew? We loved it. Their food is so good! I had the malai kofta with garlic chili naan. OMG. That naan. Amazing! Definitely try this place if you haven't already.

Jessica & I decided to keep up our early morning run prior to studying for the comps. Our study comrade, Emily, lives in Lebanon so we decided to go to her this time since she came to us last week. I met Jessica on Donelson Pike & then she drove us out to Long Hunter State Park. There's a good, flat two mile trail there. We ran it twice, without stopping, except for a quick bathroom break. That's the first time I've run four miles straight through. I was so proud of myself! And it was a perfect place to run. There were deer & turkeys all over the place. And even at 8am, there were a lot of people out there walking, fishing, etc. It was really nice.

Post run, we met Emily at the Panera Bread at Providence & studied for two hours. Ugh. This test is the bane of my existence right now. Five more weeks, five more weeks....

Last night I finished watching Season One of Hung. Meh. It's definitely an interesting storyline & I did enjoy it for the most part, but I don't know if I love it enough to continue on with Season Two. We'll see.


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