Weekend Wrap Up

I made this & started watching Season One of Hung. I only watched the first episode, but I liked it. I wonder if I'd save money by subscribing to HBO in lieu of paying Netflix $20/month to watch all of HBO's shows....

I woke up at the crack of dawn to run a 5K in Lebanon for a candidate running for Senate. Actually, the race was for colon cancer, but we ran on George McDonald's team. Regardless, we had to be there at 7am, so it was an early morning. This is the first race I've run in about 7 months. All this running has made me faster. I think I finished my last 5K at around 44/45 minutes. I finished the one on Saturday at 38 minutes, which could have been a minute or two faster had I understood where the finish line was.... Long story. Anyway, I'm still fairly slow, running a 12 minute mile, but I'm definitely getting better.

Saturday afternoon I met my girl gang at the Frist Center for The Golden Age of Couture exhibit. It was so much fun! It's incredible to see how tiny women's waists were in the 40s & 50s. Beautiful, beautiful gowns. So glad we went.

Saturday night John took me to Germantown Cafe. It was so good! We've gotten into such a bad habit of not leaving our hood for dinner, which is fine, but sometimes you need to put on lipstick & venture further than Korea House. After dinner, we watched Hot Tub Time Machine. Correction: we watched about an hour of Hot Tub Time Machine. OMG, it was so bad. About half way through it, I turned to John & said, "I wish our bed was a time machine, so we could go back in time & not watch this movie."

Harris Teeter, aka 'The Teeter', keeps mailing me $20 off coupons if you spend $50. The problem is, they send them weeks before you can use them, so I always forget about them. Plus, who shops at Harris Teeter? Well, apparently I do because I decided to forgo my trifecta of grocery stores & do all of my shopping at The Teeter, albeit for $20 cheaper. It totally worked! They had everything I needed & I spent $60 for $80 worth of groceries. Score! I have another coupon for next week, so I may do it again. Hell, I guess I'll keep doing it as long as they keep mailing me coupons.

John & I made our annual trek to the Tennessee State Fair yesterday afternoon. We don't ride any rides, we go solely for the livestock & the deep fried goodness that is fair food. The weather yesterday was perfect. We stayed about two hours, petting goats & eating corndogs. Bliss!

Full fair photostream here.

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