Weekend Wrap Up: 4 Day Labor Day Edition

Although I took Friday off, I still got up for my 5:30am Pancake Run. Can I just say how nice it is to run in non-90 degree weather? Wow! Post run, I went to Bellevue to buy some frames at Michael's. As usual, Mike spotted me & we had a quick cell phone chat whilst sitting beside each other in traffic. Every time I go to Bellevue for secret shopping, Mike catches me. It's kind of hilarious actually.

I spent the rest of the day finishing Dexter Season Four & playing dress up. Friday night I stayed in & watched The Lovely Bones because it was apparently the day where I watched nothing but serial killer themed television. I didn't love The Lovely Bones. I liked the book, but the movie was weird. I don't know.

I got up & went to Spin then drove to Brentwood to meet my mom at my Aunt Ginger's house to pick up the pillows she made for my bedroom. The pillows are amazing! I spent the rest of the day arranging our bedroom (pics forthcoming). That night, John & I went to dinner, then came home & set him up on Facebook. Finally. It's admirable how long he's held out, but it was time.

I started the day by showing my underwear to the entirety of Wal-Mart when my skirt blew up & my hands/arms were too full to do anything about it. I was mortified. The day didn't really get better from there. We were having friends over for dinner & ran out to buy beer right before they got there & locked ourselves out of the house. In the hour it took us to get back into the house, we broke a doorknob, a deadbolt & a pane of glass.

Note to self: train Linda to unlock doors.

When I finally did make it to Publix, I passed a guy masturbating in his front yard. Seriously. Stay classy, West Nashville. Everything turned around once Katie & Rollum got there. We grilled hamburgers & Katie made these amazing smores bars. OMG! We ate & drank until midnight-ish. So much fun! I woke up on Monday really regretting making Katie take the leftover smores bars back home with her...

My parents spent all weekend doing renovations on their house, so we drove out there yesterday to grill out & see all the changes. The house looks great! They had new carpet installed in the bedrooms & hardwood installed throughout the rest of the house. Much better!

Last night, I watched Mad Men (OMG! Best episode EVER!) & made dinner while John fixed our recently demolished back door. Good times, good times...

Master Bedroom -- New Pillows

Hash Brown Casserole