Need Healthy/Vegetarian Cookbook Recs

Dear Readers, I need your help. See below.

Hello My Blogger Friend. I am writing to you for your advice. I have a cookbook dilemma. I’d like to start cooking more (I finished The Omnivore’s Dilemma last month). I want to start cooking more frequently with a lot of fresh vegetables, local, seasonal foods (I don’t eat meat other than fish). My cooking skills are minimal at best, so I don’t want too many ingredients or complicated directions. I’m also cooking for one for the most part. And I like pictures in my cookbooks. Based on these criteria, is there a cookbook (or two) that you’d recommend for a beginner who wants to cook in this way? I checked out the cookbook section at Borders and got overwhelmed by the options. I thought that since you’re always cooking and have mentioned that you love buying cookbooks that you might have a few standards that you could recommend to me. Julia Child I am not.

Thank you! Any suggestions that you’d like to send my way would be much appreciated.

I know a lot of you are more experienced cooks than I am & most of you eat a little healthier that I do. I'm specifically looking for vegetarian friendly options. Katie....

Please leave your cookbook recs/suggestions/advice/etc. in the Comments section.


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