Master Bedroom -- New Pillows

A few weeks ago I met my mom for fabric shopping. She needed curtains & I needed bedroom pillows. We hit the jackpot at Textile Fabrics on Franklin Road. My mom bought me the two fabrics above & then took them to my Aunt so she could make them into pillows. I picked them up this weekend & LOVE THEM! They're perfect! I still need a white duvet & shams, but the pillows help so much. I'm also going to hang curtains. I'm thinking about moving the brown curtains from our living room up there & then buying something else for the living room. We'll see.

The prints are from Etsy. I need another print to go over John's nightstand. I'm having trouble finding one the same size as the one I have. I also still need something for the empty wall between the chair & the bed & I need to paint the dresser. I may try & do that soon. I just need to decide on a color. Once the dresser is painted, I'll start looking for a rug to go in front of it. There are some at West Elm that I have my eye on.

The shower curtain is from Urban Outfitters. We'd like to completely redo the bathroom, at which point I'll probably change the brown paint to some shade of grey, but for now it's remaining brown. I may get new bath mats though.

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