Fall Outfits

This is super lame & I'm sure those of you that know me are shaking your heads right now, but I've had 4 days off people! So here's the first outfit, which I'm sarcastically calling equestrian hipster.

Jacket: H&M
Scarf: Vintage
Top: Anthopologie
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
Gold Bracelet: Forever 21

This is my attempt at military chic. The jacket is darker in person, the flash washed it out. A darker skirt may be better, too, and black tights.

Jacket: AT Loft
Scarf: found at work
Top: Target
Pencil Skirt: Old Navy
Belt: Target
Animal Print Earrings: Forever 21

I don't know what to call this look. Biker chic? Street chic? Regardless, this is a look I copied from The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman.

Jacket: Bebe
Scarf: NYC street vendor
Top: Hanes v-neck men's undershirt
Pencil Skirt: Old Navy
Oxfords: Boutique in Brooklyn

Of all the looks, this is the one I'm least sure about & probably won't wear, but that's okay. If any of you want to see this look in person, just look for Mary Katherine around town. She can pull it off better than I can.

Sequined Jacket: Handmade by Anjeanetta
Top: Banana Republic
Skirt: Target
Bracelet: Forever 21

This outfit doesn't have the pizazz it does in the magazines. I think the skirt needs to be a richer color/fabric. The outfit also needs boots. Bad.

Cardigan: Forever 21
Cami: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap
Belt: Target
Bracelet: Target
Earrings: Claire's

So yeah, fall outfits. Now that I'm looking back at these pictures, I'm realizing all of the accessories I could have used, i.e. shoes, bags, etc. Oh well, next time.

After looking through all of my September magazines, I compiled a laundry list of items I'd like to buy for fall. This little exercise helped me realize how much I already own/have to work with. I hope this either helped you think of fall outfits within your closet, or gave you a good laugh.

Viva la 4-day weekend!


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