East Nasty For Life

There is a running group in East Nashville called, you guessed it, East Nasty. A lot of my friends run with them, but I never have due mostly to scheduling & the fact that I don't live in East Nashville. Also, I don't consider myself a "real" runner & wasn't sure I was up to the task. Well, the group I run with on Friday mornings (Pancake Run) decided to try an East Nasty run this week, so I went. And I loved it!

The East Nasty folks get together every Wednesday at 6pm for a 3-6 mile run. There are 12 runs that they rotate through. Last night was their #9 LP Field run, 4.43 miles. That's farther than I've ever run & I was worried I'd get left behind &/or lost when I inevitably stopped to walk. My friend Jessica, who's been running with them since January, went with me & offered to stay with me the whole run.

We agreed that we would run the first 2 miles, then stop & walk if we needed to. We did eventually stop & walk, but I'm pretty sure we had run well over 2 miles at that point. We walked up a couple big hills & then ran most of the way back. I honestly can't believe I ran that far. Who knew? Having Jessica with me definitely made all the difference. I always run better when I'm with someone. The talking keeps my mind off the running.

I finished way after everyone else, but I still felt like such a rockstar. I just can't believe I ran that far. I'm definitely going to try to make this a weekly thing. The timing is weird for me, but I think I can make it work. If any of you locals have any interest in running, this is the group for it. I've only been once & I'm hooked. East Nasty for life, indeed.

Jessica, seriously, thank you. Go ham!

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