Weekend Wrap Up

I got up & ran 3 miles on Belmont Blvd, actually I walked the majority of it because I was apparently still reeling from Thursday night.... Youngsters take heed, this is what happens after 30. You drink a little on Thursday & still feel bad on Saturday.

Later, I headed East to meet up with my book swap ladies at Rosepepper. It was pretty hot, but the margarita helped. I didn't go home with any new books this time, which is fine because I still have a ridiculous pile at home that I need to read. Plus, my Fall class starts tomorrow, which will cut down on my reading-for-pleasure time immensely.

That night, we grilled out & chilled at home. We ate grilled pork tenderloin & corn salad & I continued working my way through Dexter Season 4 while John planned our Sunday road trip.

John has been itching to hit the open road, so we took a road trip yesterday. We left the house around 10am, hit 4 states & were back home in time to watch the end of the Emmy's. Road trip blog post forthcoming.

Harper's Bazaar, The September Issue

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