Weekend Wrap Up

Woke up early & met Alexis at the Downtown Y for Spin. Spin room was unbearably hot, as usual. Went to The Wax Pot Studio to see Lynette & further complain about the ridiculous heat. Then I went to Green Hills to meet Mary Katherine & Cara for Starbucks & Eat Pray Love. I read Eat Pray Love back when it first came out & I liked it okay, but I loved the movie. The movie skims over the parts of the book I remember not liking, like all the meditation/India stuff. The movie shows enough of India to get the point across, but not as much as the book. The movie shows a lot of Italy & a lot of Bali/Javier Bardem. God, Javier Bardem. I could watch 2 1/2 hours of just him. I recommend seeing this movie, even if you a) didn't read the book, or b) didn't love the book. It's a really good movie.

My parents bought a new flat screen tv & offered to give us their old one, so we drove to Smyrna to pick it up. My sister was there with the twins, who are unbelievably already 6 months old. They're pretty funny. Unlike my sister's other two daughters, the twins appear to be brunettes, & despite being fraternal twins, they're still identical. My sister swears she can tell them apart by their eyes, but I didn't see it.

Back at home, John put the tv up in our bedroom while I made chocolate chip cookies, which we promptly devoured. We had steak for dinner (of course we did). John has been perfecting his steak cooking skills & last night was definitely the best they've ever been. They tasted like restaurant steaks! I don't know the whole process, but it involves a cast iron skillet & a lot of smoke. Whatever he does, it works. OMG, those steaks were so good. But yes, yesterday was the day where I ate nothing but chocolate chip cookies & steak. Needless to say, I'll be hitting the gym pretty hard today.

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