Weekend Wrap Up

I have a lot of friends whose husbands are in bands & when they go on tour, these ladies get together & hang out. They usually eat, drink & play poker. A few years ago they invited me to join them. I can't play poker, but I can definitely eat & drink. We actually rarely play poker anymore, but we do continue to get together on a pretty regular basis. On Friday night, I had the girls over to my house. We ate, drank & talked until 1:00am.

Carolyn & I cashed in our Groupon for a mani/pedi at Illusion Nail Spa in Green Hills. They were so rude! Don't go. Apparently they're mad about how much business they're getting because of the Groupon. The ladies at the front desk were okay, but while I was picking out my color & waiting on Carolyn, this other lady kept coming over & asking if I was ready & where was my friend. I told her my friend was parking & would be in in a minute, translation: chill the eff out. She made me go sit down in a pedicure chair & she put me next to someone when I had expressly asked for us to be seated together. She yelled at me & pointed to this poor girls' freshly painted toes & said, "She almost done; sit down!".

Carolyn walks in, a mere 6 minutes late, & they immediately usher her to the chair next to me. She asks if she can go pick out a color &, I kid you not, the lady looked at the clock & rolled her eyes. Then as our punishment, they make us sit unattended for almost 20 minutes. The little tech who actually did my nails was really nice & she did a good job, but I was so mad by the time she started, I almost left. Her name is Song, so if you do go, ask for her. Good magazines, good colors (OPI & Essie) & free wine, but bitches!

That night, John & I walked next door to Korea house then came back home & watched Shutter Island. OMG, ya'll. Has anyone else seen this movie? So good!

We didn't really do anything yesterday. It was too hot. I've been wanting to make pork tenderloin for awhile now, but haven't because I saw an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown emphasized how important it is to get all this weird, silvery skin off before you cook it. I had no idea you could buy them sans skin, & pre-marinated at that! I bought one of the circumcised, pre-marinated tenderloins at Trader Joe's & John grilled it using his handy, new meat thermometer. OMG, it was so good! And easy! Pork tenderloin is totally going into the rotation.

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