Weekend Wrap Up

I watched I've Loved You So Long on DVD. I really liked this movie. It's French & it's about two sisters (one of which is played by Kristen Scott Thomas) who haven't seen each other in 15 years because the older sister has been in prison for murdering her son. Upon her release, she goes to stay with her younger sister until she gets back on her feet. It's basically the story of how these two sisters relearn how to interact with each other. Highly, highly recommend it, especially if you have sisters.

On Saturday, I went to Marche with Jaime. I had the pork belly sandwich, omgsogood! In an attempt to burn some calories, we did a little shopping. I bought some work-out clothes & random kitchen stuff, i.e. fridge door herb storage container, plastic onion keeper, magnetic cooking measurement conversion chart, etc. I also bought these kitchsy animal flash cards from the dollar bin at Target that I'm trying to figure out what to do with....

On Saturday night, we picked Caryn up from the airport & went to Mexican with Ali & Jon. A pitcher of margaritas & two pitchers of beer later, we made our way to The 5 Spot where I had the epiphany that 34 is the age where you cease being able to tell the difference between hipsters & vagabonds. I'm talking to you, mustachioed guy at the bar, wearing a way too big tank top leaving your entire rib cage exposed, loose fitting acid washed jeans & mismatched canvas slip-ons that you potentially stole from prison while serving time for child molestation.

On Sunday, I dragged myself out of bed & ran the 3-mile Belmont Blvd loop. I didn't realize I still had on my make-up from the night before until I got back home, looked in the mirror & saw Alice Cooper staring back at me. Hard times....

Last night John & I made beef lo mein (so good!) & watched the Paul McCartney special on PBS. Sir Paul won the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song & played at The White House. It was really good. I especially loved Dave Grohl's cover of "Band On the Run". Good stuff.

This one's for you, Emotional Mullet:

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