Thursday Night's Alright For Fighting

Last night Chromeo played at the Cannery & How I Became the Bomb (with John) played a Hall & Oates cover set/after party at Mercy Lounge. I love Chromeo & I was excited about the show, but the crowd was horrible. It was a bunch of drugged-up Vandy kids. We kept getting pushed & elbowed, twice we got drenched in beer because some asshole behind us shook his beer & sprayed it all over the crowd. Twice. The show was awesome, it was just a test of patience.

Post Chromeo, we all head over to Mercy Lounge for the Hall & Oates after party. Everything is cool, we're all dancing & having fun. Whatever. But then the crowd from Chromeo starts coming in. There was this girl behind us who kept slamming into us, dancing way too hard for Hall & Oates & not even facing the stage. Also, she was wearing sunglasses. Seriously. We all kept turning around & giving her the eye (like you do), to no avail. Finally, I turned around & shouted, "Seriously? Enough!" & she got up in my face & I pushed her. Hard. It was like the Matrix; time stopped & everything went into slow motion. I saw my hands go out in front of me & then saw her fly through the air & land on the ground. Then, from the floor, she looks up at me & says, "Whyyyyyy?" with her sunglasses all askew. I turned to her friends & told them to take her outside & that was it.

I'm immediately mortified & wonder who all saw me do it, but just try & act like it didn't happen & enjoy the rest of the show. The show ends & we go backstage where I'm met with cheers & high fives because apparently EVERYONE on stage saw what happened & thinks it's hilarious. I'm humiliated & tell them to quit egging me on, that I shouldn't have done it, etc. & then John, who had been drinking for easily 6 hours at this point, turns to me & says, "Baby, I'm so proud of you." Hahaha.

Anyway, that's it. It's one of those stupid things that you think about doing a million times, especially if you go to a lot of live shows, but you never do it. Because you're a normal person with some modicum of self restraint. I'm worried now that I've done it that I've opened some sort of Pandora's box of vigilante club behavior & will start going to shows just so I can push people down. God.....

I found out later that apparently everyone in the crowd was on "Molly". I have no idea what Molly is. I think it's some hybrid form of ecstasy & meth, which explains a lot. I'm too old for this shit. Clearly, 34 is the age where I need to quit going to shows like this.

P.S. Chromeo is amazing! They watched the show & then hung out with everyone backstage for a good hour, at least. I kind of heart them.

Full fighting photostream here.

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