New West Elm Sheet Set - Finally!

New West Elm Stripe Sheet Set. Ordered on June 26th. Received on August 2nd. Thanks, West Elm.... I'm pretty excited about these sheets. My plan is to design the rest of the room around them. I'm debating changing the wall color. I really do love the gold, but I also love this color Carolyn used in her dining room called Silver Sage. It's from Restoration Hardware, but she got Home Depot to match it. I'm torn.....

This is just our down comforter. I need to buy a white duvet cover & shams. And possibly a bedskirt. White or grey bedskirt? Target has both. I'm leaning towards white. Thoughts on the lamps? I want to keep our nightstands, but I could go either way on the lamps. They're not bad, but they're not awesome.

I bought two of these Dwell Studio throw pillows from Target. You can't see it, but our hallway is that blue color. I thought this pillow may tie it all in, but it really doesn't. It's a cute pillow, but I think I can find something better for the bed. Sorry pillows, you're going back to Target.

Our bedroom has nothing hanging on the walls. I have a bunch of prints saved in my Favorites on Etsy that I need to buy & have framed. I also need a new pillow for the orange chair. Does the orange chair still work in this room?

This is John's old dresser. It works fine, but it needs to be painted. If I leave the walls yellow, I'm thinking, per Carolyn's suggestion, of painting the dresser grey. If I paint the walls Silver Sage, then I may paint it the color the walls are now. Thoughts? I'll also get new knobs, obvi.

This is the view into our bathroom. The bathroom needs a complete overhaul, but when we moved in, we just painted it brown & moved on. At the least, the floor tiles & counter need to be replaced, but ideally, we'd love to gut the whole thing. I digress. Wondering if I should leave the bathroom brown & just re-paint it whenever we redo it or paint it now & possibly a third time later.... Definitely need a new shower curtain though now that the brown bedding is gone.

Things I'm Keeping:




Things I Can Change:

Wall color

Bedside lamps

Things I Need:

White duvet cover, shams, bedskirt

Art on the walls

New accent pillows (bed & chair)

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