Movie Review: The Girl Who Played With Fire

This was my favorite book of the three, so I had high hopes for the movie. I really liked it. It's not as violent as the first movie, but it's violent. Also, there's a pretty gratuitous sex scene between Lisbeth & Mariam. The movie hits all the major plot points in the book. Obviously, they have to cut a lot out, but the big things are there.

Here's what's missing. The movie leaves out the intro of the book where she's in the Caribbean, the hurricane hits, she kills a man, etc. Also, the local police play a much smaller role in the movie, than they do in the book. Armansky & Milton Security are hardly referenced in the film. He's only in one short scene, unlike the book where he's an integral part in the investigation. Lastly, they never reference her twin sister in the movie. Not sure if that's intentional for purposes of the third movie or if they just think it's irrelevant.

Other than those things, it's pretty spot on. I'd definitely go see it. It's playing at the Belcourt this week through next Thursday, August 12th.

Viva la Sweden!

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