Marie Claire, The September Issue

I don't subscribe to Marie Claire, but I tend to buy any magazine with an Olsen on the cover.

The outfit in this Banana Republic ad looks like the perfect fall outfit: ruffly blouse, cardigan (bonus points for color), trench, skinny jeans & flats. Love!

Make it work! I heart Tim Gunn & I'm totally buying his new book Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work. Apparently he's dishing some dirt as evidenced in his mocking of Isaac Mizrahi in #4 Don't Take Fashion Too Seriously.

I love the styling on this page: the hair, the makeup (especially the makeup) & the accessories. Love that necklace & the thin, bright belt.

I would never wear this, but I love the back-to-school feel of it. The top is Ralph Lauren, obvi, & the skirt is Marc Jacobs. I like her dark eyes, thick brow, severe part, silver hoops & red nails. Very classic.

I like the combination of colors & textures on this page. LOVE that Burberry watch in the center. If I could afford a $500 watch, that would be my watch. Pretty into that bag too, which, surprisingly, is Fossil from Macy's. Hmm... Still $168 though.

More military inspiration. Kind of love everything on this page, especially the sunglasses & bunny ring. Intrigued by the idea of softening this look up with a belted, animal-print cardigan. Noted!

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