Elle, The September Issue

I let my subscription to Elle run out last year. I don't know why. I do really like this magazine, especially now that they cover some of the behind-the-scenes on The City. They have, in my opinion, the best mix of fashion & articles. And I LOVE the Ask E. Jean feature every month. Hmm, maybe I'll resubscribe. Anyway, here of some things in this month's Elle that caught my eye.

I always flag equestrian themed pages. I don't know why. I have zero affiliation with horses or riding apparel. I think it's the clean, classic feel of camel & leather that appeals to me. I have this awesome vintage silk scarf with horses on it - perfect for fall. Note to self: find that scarf!

The flash on my camera kind of ruined the richness of the fabrics on this page. The colors pop more in the magazine than they do in this picture. Regardless, I think this page does a good job of capturing the feel of fall: camel, suede, knit, leather, black, etc. Plus, those Pierre Hardy for Gap wedge booties (aka shooties) are HOT.

God, I can't wait to wear sweaters. Loving the thick, blue, belted cardigan up top, as well as the thin, blue belt added to the chunky, tan wool cardigan below it. And you know I love a textured, grey tight (see model). Love this page!

Clearly, military is huge for fall & this is Elle's take on how to wear it. Again, I love the combination of animal print & army green/black. I'm loving that green Banana Republic long-sleeved, v-neck with the animal print belt. And of course I covet that trench. I really need to invest in a traditional khaki trench. Mine is black & I love it, but sometimes a girl just needs khaki.

I love hair & makeup & usually flag pages like these. I like to switch my makeup up around this time of year, especially my eyeshadow. For fall, Elle suggests a maroon stain for your lips; bold brows (which I won't be participating in, thank you very much); red nail polish; & mega volume & bangs for hair. Duly noted.

I'm going through a huge Julia Roberts phase courtesy of Eat Pray Love. Her cover shoot pics in this issue are gorgeous. I flagged this one because a) she's beautiful & b) I'm rethinking liquid eyeliner. I tried it one summer about 2 years ago, liked it, but eventually let it go. After seeing this pic & this post on The Coveted this week, it may be time to pay a trip to Sephora...

Again, gorgeous! My flash washed this one out a little, too. It's much richer in the magazine. Beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress. "Price upon request" - oh, I have no doubt. Yay, fall!

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