Book Review: The Carrie Diaries

To give my brain a break after The Millennium Trilogy, I picked up Candace Bushnell's latest book, The Carrie Diaries. It's the story of Carrie Bradshaw, pre-SATC. Carrie is in her last year of high school, applying to college & trying to get into a summer writing program in NYC (she lives in Connecticut). She has a group of friends very similar to her later-in-life adult friends on SATC. She even has a high school version of Mr. Big, Sebastian Kydd.

It was easy for me to envision the Carrie in this book as a 16 year old version of the character I spent years watching on HBO. Young Carrie has an eye for fashion, quick wit, corny one-liners, big vocabulary & a desire to understand, & write about, basic human behavior.

I've heard mixed reviews about this book. I've heard people say they were let down by the portrayal of young Carrie, but I liked it & I found it totally believable. I wouldn't say you should rush out & buy/read this book, you can definitely live without it, but if you're a die hard SATC fan like I am, who secretly TiVos the re-runs on TBS, then you'll probably enjoy this book. It's a quick read, perfect for a long weekend beach trip.

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