Weekend Wrap Up

I made this for dinner (so good!) & watched A Single Man on DVD. I LOVED this movie. It's directed by Tom Ford & stars Colin Firth & Julianne Moore. It's set in the 1960's & the set design is done by the same people who do Mad Men, so of course the set is amazing. Colin Firth is a gay college professor who just lost his boyfriend/partner in a fatal car accident. The movie is one day, 8 months after the accident, Colin's character, no longer able to deal with his grief, decides to kill himself. So it's how he spends his last day. This movie is amazing. Highly, highly recommend it.

I made lemon bars & went to book club/swap. I haven't been picking up any new books in the last few gatherings because I have so many at home that I need to read, but this week I took one home. I couldn't resist. It's called I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti: A Memoir of Good Food and Bad Boyfriends. I'll report back.

Saturday night I made my way to The Melrose for the duel birthday celebration of Courtney & Katie. It was a lot of fun. Note to self: get out more.

God, it was so hot yesterday. This has to be what living on the sun is like. Too hot to do my usual Sunday 3-4 mile run, I quickly did my Trader Joe's/Publix/Target loop, then went back home to cool off & finish The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (almost done). At some point, I got bored & went down the street to McKay's & spent $11 on books I didn't need. Aside from that I just sat around waiting on Mad Men to come on. It's too hot to do anything exciting.

Book Review: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest

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