Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night:
We went over to Carolyn & David's for dinner & for John to take a look at a broken record player. We made grilled pizza, a la City House. Carolyn & David have been practicing & I must say, it was the best non-restaurant pizza I've ever had & it was just like the pizza at City House. John & I can't wait to try it ourselves.

I got up & met Alexis for Spin at the Downtown Y. The Sat AM instructor is syncing her classes with what's going on in the Tour. I'm kind of over it. I'm no Lance Armstrong. I felt bad because this was Alexis' first Sat AM class & it sucked. Then to add insult to injury, I convinced her to stay for the "easy" ab work-out afterwards & it was the hardest ab work-out to date. Sorry, Alexis! Later I met Jaime at Anthropologie. It was too crowded to shop, so we went to Sweet Ce Ce's instead. Of course we did.

Saturday Night:
John really wanted to see Inception, so we decided to bite the Sat-Night-At-The-Movies-Crowd bullet & see the 8 o'clock show. It was mayhem. Once we bought our tickets & got inside, they were lining us up outside of the auditorium. Then when they finally let us in, everyone went batshit. People were fighting over seats, trying to save entire rows, etc. It was chaos. But once the movie started, it was fine. The movie was really good. Johnny Marr contributed to the score, so John was pretty into the music. We both loved the movie & have differing opinions as to the ending. John, of course, went straight home & spent a good hour or three online reading about the movie & the ending. I went to bed. And had terrible dreams about cities rolling over onto themselves.

I reluctantly got up & ran 3 miles. Then I did my grocery shopping for the week while John cut the grass. I finally found a frame for my Nashville Flood poster, so I hung that & rearranged some stuff while John was outside killing every living thing in our yard & setting it on fire. For dinner, I made a chicken, rice & squash casserole from the August issue of Cooking Light. It was a tad bland, but not too bad. I'd make it again, albeit with some garlic and/or Tabasco. After dinner, we watched Crazy Heart. Correction: I watched Crazy Heart. John gave up & went to work in his studio. The movie kind of sucked. I don't get what all the hype was about. Jeff Bridges did a good job, but that's the only positive thing I can say about it. Very cliche & the whole Maggie Gyllenhaal thing was unbelievable. She'd never tap that.

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