Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night:
Nada. I stayed home, painted my nails (in my new color of the month) & watched Bethenny Getting Married? followed by 3 hours of So You Think You Can Dance. RIP, Alex Wong. RIP....

I got up & went to Spin, ran some errands & then went to Claudia & Bill's house-warming party. I needed to bring something to the party, so I decided to try the wine store by our house, Hillwood Wine & Liquors. It's in this bizarre shopping center in front of the West Nashville Target along with a gun & ammo shop, a butcher & a barber shop. Needless to say, I've never been in there. It was kind of okay. It was clean & nice & they had almost all the wines I usually buy & everyone in there knew each other. It was very neighborhoody. It'll do in a pinch.

Saturday Night:
We met Jon & Ali at Tequila's for dinner, then they came back to our house & we sat out on our deck & hung out for awhile. It was surprisingly cool out, so it was nice to use our deck for the first time this summer.

I got up to meet Jaime at 8am for a 3-mile run through Centennial Park. We ended up walking way more than we ran, but we still got in a good work-out. We had Evie with us, so we sat for awhile & let her play on the playground, then we went back to Jaime's & feasted on scrambled eggs, bacon & english muffins. John & I spent the rest of the day running errands & lounging around the house.

I spent the better part of Fri/Sat uploading our wedding pictures onto Flickr. Feel free to peruse. Those of you at the wedding & on Flickr were tagged with the exception of someone who has decided to not let anyone tag her in pictures anymore.....

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