Weekend Wrap Up: Fireworks Edition

Friday Night:
I had a lady date with Katie. Rollum is on tour for the month & I wanted to catch up & hear all about their recent Mexico trip. We had dinner at The Smiling Elephant, then drinks at The Melrose. I loved The Smiling Elephant. The restaurant is small & the menu is small, but the food is really good. We both had the special of the night, red curry, & it was delicious. I suggest giving this place a try if you haven't already. Apparently their special of the day/night is the way to go.

I met MK & Megan at Starbucks, then we walked over to GH theater & watched Eclipse with the other twi-cougars trying to beat the tween crowd. I really liked the movie. They're definitely getting progressively better/less gay. If you hated the first two, you might like this one. There's a lot of action & a lot less glitter. After the movie, MK & I ate at California Pizza Kitchen & then hit Anthropologie before she had to head home. I spent the rest of the day devouring The Girl Who Played with Fire.

Saturday Night:
John & I walked next door & had dinner at Korea House, then John did computer stuff & I proceeded with Season Two of True Blood.

Sunday/4th of July:
We never have anything to do on the 4th of July. Not this year! Four of our friends were having people over, so we decided to hit them all, albeit with Linda in tow. First off, Jaime Blake's in Sylvan Park. We stayed there for a few hours, then took Linda, aka 'party dog', back home & headed East to Shelley's. We stayed there awhile & hung-out with John's Georgetown peeps, then stopped by Alexis & Dave's before heading to our final fireworks destination in The Gulch. John's boss bought a condo in Terrazzo with a view of downtown. You could see the fireworks perfectly from his two wrap-around balconies. It was awesome.

4th of July photostream here.

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