Warby Parker Glasses

Back in 2010, I found out about Warby Parker and immediately tried to order five pairs of glasses to try on at home. Alas, they were sold out. I signed up to be alerted when they re-stocked. Desperate for new glasses, a few months later I tried again, to no avail. I gave up and went to SEE, where I bought my last pair of glasses. The pair I picked out would be $350. I had heard good things about Optique and they accept my insurance, so I went there, had an eye exam and picked out new glasses, also for around $300.

That same day I got an email from Warby Parker - my order was en route! They have the best customer service! Seriously, they were so nice and apologetic about how long I had to wait. Plus, the girl I talked to helped me decide on the frames AND colors. She was so helpful! I love these people.

Below are the five pairs I picked out. I've crossed Hudson and Huxley off the list. I'm on the fence about the Coltons. I think it's the color that's throwing me. My favorite style is Zagg, with Japhy coming in second. I put the pictures in order of the ones I like best, Zagg on top.






My problem with my second choice, Japhy, is that they're really similar to the pair I currently have and I want it to be obvious that I'm wearing new/different glasses. Thoughts? Favorites?

Once I decide which glasses I want, I ship these back, give Warby Parker my prescription and they send me my new $95 glasses! They said the turn around is really fast, like 1-2 weeks fast. I'm so excited! And did I mention that for every pair they sale, they give a pair away to someone in need? How awesome is that?

P.S. This post is from 2010. Read an updated post here!

P.P.S. I partnered with Warby Parker in 2014 to launch their Concentric Collection.

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