This Week in TV

True Blood

I don't have HBO, so I typically spend my summers Netflixing my way through all the HBO & Showtime shows that I miss during the year. Last weekend I watched the second season of True Blood. I loved it! I've gotten past the ridiculous accents. It's been a year since I watched the first season, but I don't remember getting into it as much as I did this time. The second season has better subplots, i.e. Jason Stackhouse joining the Fellowship of the Sun; the whole Maryann thing; & then the thing with Sam & Courtney. Again, I loved it. Sadly, now I have wait until next summer to watch the third season...


John & I love Louis CK & he has a new show on FX called Louie. It comes on Tuesday nights at 11pm. We've been watching the few episodes that have aired over the past two nights & we're sold. Obviously, if you don't like his stand-up, you're not going to like his show. The show is 30 minutes long & it's a combination of his stand-up & real-life. It's Seinfeld-esque, albeit a lot darker & with worse language. It's set in NYC, which I love. It's pretty funny, especially the stand-up parts. I recommend giving it a try. If it's too rough around the edges for you, no harm no foul, it's just 30 minutes. But we love it.

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