Make-Up Review: CoverGirl Shadowblast

I love Drew Barrymore & I especially love the recent print ads she's doing for the new CoverGirl Smoky Shadowblast Eyeshadow & Liquilineblast Eyeliner. I don't buy a lot of drugstore make-up, but Wal-Mart mailed me a $5 gift card so I decided to buy the CoverGirl products I've been noticing in magazines lately.

I bought the Smoky Shadowblast Eyeshadow in Silver Sky & the Liquilineblast Eyeliner in Violet Voltage. You're supposed to take the silver end of the shadow stick & apply it from your lashline up to your brow. I only go up to my crease (because Elizabeth Taylor I am not) & I lightly rub it in with my finger. Then you take the purple end of the shadow stick & apply it from the lashline up to the crease. I only go about half way to my crease. Lastly, you apply the eyeliner however you normally apply eyeliner. I usually only do the top lid, especially during the day.

Price - you essentially get two shadows & a liner for around $12.

Application - you can't mess this up, but if you do, just wipe it off & start over. Also, it's super fast since it's an all-in-one, no brushes, etc.

Pigment - the color/pigment is spot on. It's not lighter, like most cheaper eyeshadows tend to be.

Because it's cream-based, it tends to crease by the end of the day. This could probably be avoided by applying a powder shadow as a base beforehand. Also, I work-out during the day, so it's possible that's why mine creases.

Overall, I really like this. I'm interested in some of the other color combinations. I may buy more & switch it up a little. If you've got $8-$12 to burn (or a $5 Wal-Mart gift card), I recommend giving it a try.

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