Cooking Light -- August Issue

Chicken and Rice Casserole

I tried three recipes this week from the August issue of Cooking Light. On Sunday I made The Enlightened Cook / Budget Cooking Chicken and Rice Casserole. On Monday I made Superfast Chicken Posole. Last night I made Summer Squash and Corn Chowder.

Of the three, the chicken posole was definitely the winner. Even John liked it. It's very similar to chicken tortilla soup, but without the tomatoes. I loved it. And I got to use three ingredients I had never used before: tomatillos, radishes & hominy. It doesn't make a whole lot of soup. It fed us for one night & then me for lunch the next day, so you may want to double the recipe depending on how many you're feeding. Highly recommend this recipe.

The chicken & rice casserole wasn't bad, but it wasn't awesome. It has potential though. I think if you add some garlic &/or spice, it would be better. I'd also be interested to try a cheese other than pecorino Romano. Maybe a sharp cheddar?

The summer squash & corn chowder wasn't bad either, especially since I added cayenne pepper & Tabasco, but I wanted it to be better. I have a recipe I LOVE for potato & cheese soup & this is really similar to that, but not as good. It just made me want the potato & cheese soup. Not bad though, especially for a summer chowder, if such a thing exists (John thinks it doesn't).

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