Book Review: Something Borrowed

Last week Lauren loaned me her beach copy of Something Borrowed to tide me over until The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest came in from Amazon. A lot of my friends have read Emily Giffin's books & recommended them, I just hadn't gotten around to reading them yet. Something Borrowed is her first book. I've heard some of her newer stuff isn't as good, but I loved this one.

It's set in NYC & it's the story of two friends who have known each other their whole lives. One is getting married & the other is her maid of honor, but she's sleeping with the fiance. It's part the story of the girls' friendship, or lack thereof, & part the story of the fiance and the best friend. And it's a little bit SATC in that NYC is a character in the story. They make numerous references to actual bars & restaurants in NYC. I always like that.

I've never slept with any of my friends' fiances, but I identified with this book. I got the NYC thing & the bad job thing, obviously, but I also got the best friend who kind of sucks thing. I think most girls would.

It's a much more interesting book than the cover leads you to believe. I'd recommend reading it if you're in the market for something quick & light. I'm going to keep going with the series & see how it goes. I liked this book a lot.

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